Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Irregular Choice: Rainbunny (Jelly Bunny) Heels

Hot on the heels (sorry!) of the mermaid wedge, Irregular Choice released a brand new version of the bunny heel that kick-started the character heel genre exactly 4 years ago. Perfect for Easter time, the new heel came in an array of bright candy colours and was entirely see-through. With two styles and five choices overall, I opted for Rainbunny in pink. Irregular Choice Rainbunny
Much like the Aquata mermaids I chose, Rainbunny have extremely detailed uppers. There's so many extra little trims and things, so I'll point them all out.  The shoe itself is a slip on style with a small (3/4") concealed platform that we're accustomed to seeing with these heel heights. The uppers have that oil-slick finish we all love so much and it's a very warm and sickly sweet shade of pink. Irregular Choice Rainbunny shoes

There's a lot of applique details; embroidered flowers (multi-coloured) on both sides and the front of the shoe. Two large clouds, again in that pearlised finish; one at the outer front side and one wrapping it's way around the back of the shoe. On top of this are small organza bows in a minty turquoise with tiny multi-coloured pom poms on both the clouds and pink uppers. The top edge of the shoe is trimmed in smooth gold metallic with a beautiful paler pink glitter, scalloped edging sitting against the shoe.  This was something I'd missed from the stock photos, but loved seeing in person.  embroidered flower upper details glitter rainbow cloud pom poms and bowsIrregular Choice Rainbunny cloud detail Irregular Choice Rainbunny pom pom detailIrregular Choice Rainbunny bow detail scalloped glitter trim detail
The toe is stubby and upturned and across the front is a large layered rainbow in separate strips of bright glitter. It's really striking. Irregular Choice Rainbunny rainbow detailglitter rainbow detailrainbow across toe
I've gotten so carried away with the shoes that I've forgotten to talk about the insoles in recent releases, but they are a dark floral fabric this season with a slight pile (a bit velvet like) with rose gold metallic trim. The soles are the striped bunnies, which work in wonderfully with the uppers and heels and as you can see the base of the bunny heel is very large.  As with the previous version the back tip (or front of the bunny) tilts up.  Irregular Choice Rainbunny SS17 floral insole Irregular Choice Rainbunny SS17 striped bunny soleIrregular Choice Rainbunny bunny heel tip
The heel isn't a proper wedge, but it may as well be, as it stretches across to meet the sole. You might find some squeaking where the tail meets the sole, when walking (amplified because of the material this time).  It's exactly the same height and size as the original and gold, glitter and flocked versions that followed. There's the same detailing to facial features and ears and the body but because it's perspex, they are carved only. Despite this, the bunny hasn't lost any of it's charm. The heel was a lot less blue than I imagined from stock photos and leaning more towards turquoise, which I like and I love the contrast against the pink shoe. When looking side on, it does indeed look jelly like, as intended. Like the originals, the bunny has a (pale pink) polka dot satin ribbon threaded around it's neck and tied in a bow and the heel measures 4 3/4". I know some people find this too high, but I personally find it really manageable especially with that small platform and the wedge form the heel takes on. I do want to mention that the heels aren't completely perfect, which I think is down to the nature of the materials used. I can't say I've noticed it on my other IC perspex heels (of which I own many), but they all have carved patterns rather than a smooth finish, so perhaps it's more noticeable here. Just be warned to expect some scratches or scores, not like they've been worn and scratched, but just slight blemishes to the surface. It's only really visible when you study them closely and I doubt you'll be able to see any of that from my photos even although I didn't edit it out. Irregular Choice Rainbunny perspex bunny heelsIrregular Choice jelly bunny heel Irregular Choice acrylic bunny heelIrregular Choice transparent bunny heelIrregular Choice Rainbunny character heelsIrregular Choice jelly bunny character heels
Size wise, all my other bunny heels are the size up (6/39), but this time I thought I'd brave going for my usual 5/38 as a lot of styles have been coming up larger. Well actually I was going to try both sizes, but oh long story for last Friday when I bought them, anyway, I'm glad I only got these, because they are fine. Slightly generous, so certainly don't size up and if you're between, opt for the smaller. I wore them this week for Shoesday Tuesday, so you can see how they look on the foot and if you're a size 3-5 then they are still in stock here with 20% off using code APR2SP (you're welcome)! So what do you think? I really love them, so much detail and such fun, bright colours and totally different to my other bunny heels.  I said this in my other post, but I love how the heel compliments the shoe without either of them overpowering the other.  pink rainbow bunny shoes Irregular Choice pink and blue bunny shoes

Post contains some affiliate links, all words and images my own.  No items gifted.  Backdrop: bunny scarf, dried grass and glitter carrots.  


  1. I absolutely love them. They are too expensive and too high for me but I wish I could buy them!x

  2. Thank you for these beautiful pics of these shoes, its sooo creative, one of my favs, I love your photography ideas ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. WOW!!!This is very wonderful shoes.

  4. Beautiful shoes! I love them! This pink colorway is so much better than the black. With the pink color the flowers on it reminds me of Japanese child's kimono with pink background and stylized daisies just like this. Thanks again for the head's up on sizing! It is such a huge help!


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