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Irregular Choice: Green Savan Swan Heels

Hello lovelies, hope you're enjoying the warm weekend. I did a little bit of al fresco meditation earlier. Trying a double boost of Vitamin D and mindfulness in one go. Actually if you don't already, follow me on Instagram, as I'm getting into this new "stories" malarkey and pop videos and things up on that as well as my main posts (but you need to be a follower to see the stories bit-in the carousel across the top of your screen, if you haven't seen it already and they magically disappear after 24 hours). Ok, in my previous post I showed you the pink Savan swan heels from Irregular Choice (well actually they are called "white") and I mentioned I was waiting on the green/gold version to arrive. I was to choose between them and keep only one pair, so read on to see how I got on.

I was instantly attracted to the green and gold colourway. I'm a bit of a sucker for green shoes and they definitely caught my eye and captured my attention immediately. Although the style of shoe is exactly the same as the pink pair, I have to say, I could see how one could justify owning multiple colours as they really do differ from one another. This made my decision harder, because I saw differing reasons to keep each pair, but more on that later. Probably the most noticeable contrast is the large bow on the toe. On the pink (or white) they came with a soft pink bow, the same colour as the uppers. On the green pair, the bow matched the gold sequins and trim and not the uppers. That might be a pull for you on this pair, if you found the bow blended into the shoe a bit too much on the pink. The long sequins that make up the bow are the same type as the pink, a matte finish, though metallic still (but not shiny). You'll notice in the photos, I haven't taken the tissue that was stuffed in the bow out because I wasn't sure I was keeping this pair (and that I'd get it back in if I took it out).
The uppers are a rich, deep green. Truly a beautiful colour. The main swirls of sequins are gold with a foil like finish and bright pink micro sequins in the centre. Peeking out from under this are green and clear micro sequins. The green is almost invisible against the shoe of the same colour, but their shiny finish catches the light and the transparent ones provide lift. The combination of colours on this pair make them a lot more glitzy than the toned down feel of the pink and green and pink together are one of my favourite colour combos and the gold works in well too. Green and gold scream Christmas to me, so I could see these getting a lot of wear during the festive season. They aren't overly thematic though, so no need to be relegated to that season alone.
The trim around the top of the shoe, the small platform and strip at the back of the heel all took me by surprise because of the finish. I hadn't appreciated in the stock photos that the gold was actually mirror metallic. Like so shiny you can literally see your face in it! It's really fabulous, though you all know how much I love the oil-slick finish on the pink pair.
I spoke of how the bright pink tipped sole and heel base bothered me from stock photos. I found the colour really jumped out at me detracting from the beautiful shoe and this was my only gripe pre-purchase (and the reason I bought the pink as back-up). In the flesh, it doesn't bother me as much I expected. It's a brighter (nicer) pink than I thought and the part of the sole is almost hidden when wearing or looking at them, so that doesn't concern me at all. Sometimes I catch sight of the heel tip and wish it was gold, but like I say it turned out to be a very minor issue for me.
The swan is otherwise exactly the same with the flocked finish, shading and carved details. Over all of the designs, I didn't find myself thinking the swan didn't match with a particular colour or shoe. I felt it blended well with them all and worked whether the shoe was dark or pale. I do find myself pondering how the same heel would look in black...that could be a really cool idea. I said this in my last post, but I really have to praise the swan mould. I love the shape, height, flocked finish and most of all the character to the swan. She's sooooo freakin' pretty. You just know I'm squeezing those perfectly chubby cheeks when saying that!
As with the others this season, these shoes feature the blue based lobster print on the sole and similarly aquatic box and brown floral inners with blue oil-slick trim. I also mentioned the fit in my last post (where oddly, I found the right shoe comfier than the left), if anything I found this pair a little stiffer and smaller then those. My toes kept curling under when I tried them on (both feet), but I think they would stretch with wear and the bigger size would be too big (so I'd stick with your usual size).

So I had to make a decision with which pair to keep and I really tormented myself, going back and forth all week. I liked them both, so I suppose any decision I would be both happy with, while feeling a little sad that I had to return the other. My initial reaction before I saw them in person was that the green were my first choice, but I have to admit the pink really grew on me once I saw them in real life. In the end I decided to keep them and return the green. The pink work as a nude on my pasty legs and I felt I was missing that from my colourful shoe collection (and especially my character heels). I'm thinking I'll work them into more outfits than the green and I already have a somewhat similar pair in the form of Trixy from Christmas time (well they are green and glitzy at least).  I really like the little multi-coloured sequins peeping through on the pink.  
What do you think, which colour did you prefer?  Remember the second instalment of Alice launches on Friday (26th August), so be prepared.  The queue system worked well last time for Star Wars, so will hopefully do it's job this time too and we'll all get the pairs we like.  Fingers firmly crossed.  My character heels are at the stage of outgrowing their current home, which they recently moved into after outgrowing their previous home (!), so I'm not sure how many more new additions I can buy (and I've really not been saving, even although I knew Alice was a possibility).  Actually the shoe room is fast becoming an IC shoe room, there's less and less space for "others" now, but when they are as beautiful as this, they deserve to be on display don't they?  Let me know below if you fancy anything from Alice and which swans you got and I hope you enjoyed the swan lake part 2-who says the sun doesn't shine in Scotland?  Cue rain!


  1. They are really lovely- I think I prefer these ones. Your photo shoot is really beautiful! I love the pond!x

    1. Thank you and the wee swans didn't even get a little bit wet in their all weather-friendly pond. Yeah I think the green are more striking. I surprised myself by choosing the pink tbh.

  2. Oh my days, these are sublime! The attention to detail is second to none. I'd go as far to say that they're a work of art. xx
    x LoveLeah x


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