Sunday, 17 April 2016

Video: Irregular Choice Pegasos

Hello! If you follow me on The Shoe Girl Diaries or indeed my Facebook or Instagram, you'll have seen my new Irregular Choice shoes this week. I've been SO excited about these (yep totally deserving of bold and capitals). I've not been very patient waiting for them either! Thankfully the postman didn't leave me hanging on Monday and promptly delivered and I set about taking photos for Shoesday Tuesday on TSGD. I haven't taken 'proper' blog photos yet, because my energy levels have been rubbish and trying them on used up my quota for the entire week (you'll understand why in a minute).
I'm a bit stuck as to whether or not to go to the usual effort (I would for character heels) or just try and photograph them as is. The only thing is the gladiator shape means they don't stand on their own and that's problematic as a still life, it's just a messy conglomeration of straps. So I don't want to haul everything out, only to find the photos look rubbish anyway! They do photograph brilliantly on the leg though, so for now (I'll decide next week), I have this video for you, of me wearing them. Prancing around like a pony. I had to, they are unicorn heels!

For fit information or photos of them on me, see this post on The Shoe Girl Diaries and as always follow my FB and Insta because that's where I tend to post piccies first. Hope you've had a good weekend x


  1. You are hilarious!!! So many funny moves!!x

  2. wow all of the straps look amazing on this shoe <3 I love the fabric/leather too!

    1. Such a beautiful oil-slick effect with rainbow colours on the pewter background.

  3. They really are incredible.


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