Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bought & Thought

ASOS animal print wiggle dress
So I've bought dozens more 'wiggle dresses' from ASOS recently (well, maybe a slight exaggeration) and because they're experimenting a little with some of the details and more notably, the fabric, some have fitted and some have not.  One of the best ones for me is the animal print wiggle dress £50 (in a size 18, also available in Tall here).
It's probably most like the original design, as it's made from cotton/elastane which seems to be a more flattering fit on me.  Others cling to the tummy area, but this fabric just skims over, concealing everything and there is that tiny bit of stretch where I need it.  The main difference to the original pattern is the introduction of a front split (instead of a centre back one) and I like it.  It makes it feel more current.  There's the same underarm gussets, though the sleeves are missing their cuffs (instead just hemmed under), not something I was particularly sad to see go.  It's got the same tucks at the waist, centre back invisible zip and glorious pockets!  I don't often wear peach or orange, but the bold leopard print is a winner for me and I can see this dress being worn a lot in the future. Do you like this, have you tried any of the wiggle dresses?     Bought & Thought quote
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  1. I look forward to seeing you wear them! I miss your outfits!x

    1. Thanks, I'd been thinking the same thing when I've been taking photos of the dresses I reviewed.


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