Saturday, 22 February 2014

The £3 Clarins Haul

Yes, you read it correctly, I managed to buy all this for £3! Impressive huh?  There's a few stockists I buy Clarins from, but I've placed a couple of orders direct with them. They always have really neat 'gifts with purchase' and I like that you get to choose 3 free samples with every order (and there's a big choice). I've realised I'm one of those people that almost always goes onto buy the full-size version after trying a sample, so they're onto a good thing there!
However, what you're really wanting to know is how it cost me £3. Well they have a loyalty rewards scheme and despite making the majority of my purchases elsewhere, I managed to quickly reach a £15 reward. It expires next month (I actually had willpower and didn't immediately spend it, FYI it lasts for 6 months), so I took the opportunity to buy something when they had their sale after Christmas. I've been light on funds lately, so it was a welcome treat. They had free delivery at this time and the palette I went for had 40% off, reduced to £18 from £30. So with my £15 reward, free delivery and three free samples, it came to a grand total of £3 to pay. I even paid with Paypal, which never feels like 'real money' to me!
The Palette Eclat is an older limited edition release that I've had my eye on for some time. I actually almost bought it in the summer when I got my Odyssey palette. I'm looking forward to trying both of these on my Too Pretty To Swatch challenge.
It comes in a weighty gold compact with a little red velvet pouch to keep it scratch free. Inside the lid is a full sized mirror. The powder itself not only has three colours, but this wonderful ridged floral design. Ooh,which makes me think of those deep ridged crisps, have you ever tried them? For some reason, they are so much yummier than regular ridged crisps! Anyway, alongside the main colour are stripes of bright pink and peach. I think it would be too tricky to pick out those colours (especially to wear as blush) individually, but hopefully they'll add a flush of colour when swirled together with a big brush.
Like I said, I haven't swatched it yet, but I'm being very brave and ruining touching my pretty palettes and will keep you posted on my progress. Here are the three samples I picked.
If you haven't guessed, my skin is being most hateful lately, so corrective skincare treatments were in order. I actually think not wearing makeup aggravates it or it certainly doesn't help. So I got the Lotus Face Treatment Oil. When I was a teenager I loved these Clarins oils and the aroma brings me right back! This particular one is for oily/combination skin and I apply it at night, immediately after toner (while my face is still slightly damp) in a gentle pressing motion, after warming a few drops in my palms. For the past few nights I've decided against following with moisturiser and instead applied a heavier dose. Yes, my face looked (and felt) oily, but I was sleeping so who cares?
I wanted it to be an intense, nourishing treatment to hopefully normalise my skin or get it as back to normal as possible. It's a tiny (and very cute) 2ml bottle and I've probably been using this for almost 2 weeks and am only halfway through (including these 'bigger' applications), so it really does go a long way. I know it may seem a little strange to put oil on oily skin (mine is actually more combination/dry than oily), but used as recommended, it doesn't feel or look oily in the slightest. The scent may be off-putting for some, because it is strong, but it feels like a proper salon treatment every time I use it. I've already gone ahead and ordered the full-size because I'm keen to see how it works longer term.
Then we have the Pure & Radiant Mask, which again is just so lovely. I've used it twice (once today actually) and it smells gorgeous. It doesn't feel too heavy or harsh and I almost bought the full-size of this too, but didn't have enough money, so it's on my wishlist for now. It's easy to wash off, although I've been using it in the shower (which is always easier than over a sink) and my skin feels so soft and supple afterwards. Again I'd love to see the long-term benefits of this.  I might get it next time I'm in Debenhams actually as I have £20 to spend on my beauty card.   
Finally, Hydra-Matte Lotion for combination skin. This apparently works well with the mask, although I haven't tried it yet.  I got it because I'm currently looking for a new moisturiser after finishing my Clarins Daily Energizer Cream.  Not that I disliked that, quite the opposite, but I'm intrigued to give something else a try.     
Mega bargain haul wasn't it?  I'll let you know once I've swatched/played with the palette in my new swatch feature.  


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