Friday, 28 February 2014

Haul & Swatches: Paul & Joe

Sometimes a post gets pushed back, while others take priority and before you know it, weeks or months have passed. This beauty haul dates back to before Christmas, probably early December actually and it's a pity I haven't shared it sooner, because it's really rather lovely.
I'd had my eye on this beautiful set for ages, you know I'm a sucker for anything animal related (which is rather ironic considering I'm not so keen on animals in real life).  Each Christmas, Paul & Joe release specially packaged products usually with a makeup bag/purse (remember the unicorn one I got last year?) and they tend to be animal themed.  This year 'cats' took centre stage, a favourite of P&J, if you hadn't already guessed from the numerous items they've adorned over the years. I'd originally ordered it from ASOS, but there was a bit of a mix-up with the shade names/numbers and photos and I ended up with the set I wasn't as keen on. So I returned it and ordered this one from Beauty Bay as the other colour was out of stock at ASOS. It ended up working out cheaper anyway because there was a special offer on for Christmas.
So I got the Eye & Cheek Color Set in 001 Sugar & Spice (the other is 002 Gingerbread). I believe all three products vary in each set-I'd initially thought it was just the eye products. The makeup bags are exactly the same as are the packaging of the products. You get a Blusher Stick (001) with a carved cat face on it. Too Pretty To Swatch anyone? It's really so gorgeous that I'm dreading rubbing away at his little face. It's a creamy product though and they don't last as long as powder, so perhaps it's a good thing I get stuck in. I also already have shade 003 with the cat wearing a hat, plus a cat shaped lipstick, so I think I need to try them. Could you though?
Then we have the Eye Gloss in 001. This is lovely, I've been using it lots. It's very shimmery/frosty, so a little goes far. Thankfully I have no issue using 'pretty on the outside/practical on the inside' products! I've been applying this like a primer, under eyeshadow or even on it's own. I take it right up to the eyebrow most days, as it works really well as a shimmery highlighter under the brow.
Finally, the Eye Color Duo in, you guessed it, 001. A powder eyeshadow, in a split pan with a screw top lid, obviously adorned with a little moggy. The colours in this one have a lot of interest, so I've taken plenty of swatch photos.
The 'lighter' side is a rich copper with flecks of gold micro-glitter, very fine. It's a little too orangey and rich for me to wear a lot of, so I would smudge this into the crease or under/around the lashline. I'm not really one for browns and metallics (bronze, copper) like this though, so I'm sure those that are, would lap this up. The other side is a duo-tone colour, so it flashes browny bronze one way and then green the other way. Any flecks of shimmer aren't as apparent in this one, but it still has that metallic finish to it. Again it's a colour I probably wouldn't use in abundance (too much of it makes me look like I've been punched in the eye), but I've been wearing little bits of it. You can also see the eye gloss in the swatches below, first a little blob, then smeared out. Like I said a tiny bit is all that's needed, because I actually had to tissue off the excess to get the finish in the swatch above (how it should look).  The taupe tint on the edge of the smeared swatch is from my finger which had just been in the powder eyeshadow (and clearly I didn't wipe it thoroughly), there's no taupe or brown in the eye gloss.  
The cat theme was my main reason for lusting after this and I'm pleased I'm able to use 2 out of the three products because they aren't too pretty. The third one will be a big test for me though!
The reason for me placing a rather indulgent order right before Christmas was actually because I needed some eye cream. I honestly don't think I've bought eye gel/cream for at least 5 years, if not longer. I always end up using the little samples I get in GWP's and must have amassed quite the stash of them over the years, but all of a sudden I found myself without a cream for night and then my gel ran out too. All I had left were these sachets which I got here of the new Paul & Joe Eye Treatment Duo. I started using them and fell in love. Little did I know how difficult it would be to track them down. If I recall correctly Beauty Bay were the only place with them in stock, so I was desperate to get hold of them.
It comes as a set, which is brilliant for me as I prefer a cream for night, but something lighter for wearing under makeup during the day. I also think the combination of price and size of each product, make this one really good value kit.
The Treatment Eye Cream (22ml), I love the most. It's lightweight, but has this almost jelly-like cream consistency (hence the adorable spatula). I usually just jiggle my finger back and forth on the surface of the cream, which picks up the product. I can't be faffed with a spatula, especially at night, but this technique works for me anyway.
The Eye Treatment Gel (20ml) comes in a squeezy tube. The gel is clear (obvi) and a little tacky (tacky not sticky). I love the retro packaging of both products and that the eye cream tin is just a smaller version of my hand cream. Matchy-matchy me.  I'll definitely be purchasing this duo once these run out.  I usually find it difficult to assess eye products and how well they are working, but I really did see results instantly with these.  I don't see any lines around my eyes now and it's really helped with dark circles and also puffiness.  Just really great products.  


  1. So pretty!!!! I love the look of that primer! My sister used a really nice primer on me for my wedding but can't remember what. Saw more irregular choice in tk maxx yesterday, but poetic license and Still not my size! X

    1. Gah, how annoying on the shoes. Must get Mum to look next time she's in and see if there are any gems.

  2. I loooove Paul & Joe! Everything is so beautiful! I get really bad dark circles, so I'm very tempted to try those eye creams x

    1. I reeeaaally like it. My eye area is so much brighter and I just don't see the little lines I used to.


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