Friday, 9 December 2016

Soap & Glory: The Whole Glam Lot

soap and glory the whole glam lot boots star gift
It's here, I got it! My Mum had an early hair appointment, so popped into our local Boots on the way and got me their Star Gift, the Soap & Glory The Whole Glam Lot. As I mentioned last night, it's half price for this week only, at £30 and comes in special packaging. I have details of everything inside...
soap and glory the whole glam lot inside
You get 10 items in total, all full size, besides the lipgloss, which is a little smaller than usual and individually the products are valued at over £80.  So there's already a considerable saving on the full price of £60, but getting them for £30 is even sweeter!  My star picks are the Hand Food, hand cream which I use religiously. I'm so excited to see Hand Maid in there, their antibacterial hand sanitiser. I just love this stuff as it doesn't have that medical/chemical smell that every other brand has, it just smells like Soap & Glory! I'd actually like to see them bring out a jumbo size of this for use in the house (I used to find it handy when applying makeup to clean my hands in-between products). I love the pinky beige of Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumper and again it's something I use all the time. I also use The Righteous Butter, body butter and am almost finished my jar (though think I still have another tub sitting somewhere), so I'll get a lot of use from that.  It's a while since I've used the face wash or body scrub and I haven't tried the Speed Plump face moisturiser or Smoothie Star body lotion before.  I think I've tried the Sugar Crush and wasn't keen on the scent so gave it to my Mum, who loved it.  Do you remember the old spa range S&G used to do, in the blue packaging?  I absolutely LOVED that scent and the Sugar Crush stuff replaced that, so it's never lived up to it's predecessor in my eyes!  As always there's a nice mix of bodycare, skincare and makeup items.    soap and glory the whole glam lot 2016 contents SUGAR CRUSH Body Wash (500ml, £6.50)
THE SCRUB OF YOUR LIFESuper-Smoothing Body Buffer (200ml, £7)
THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER Body Butter (300ml, £10)
SMOOTHIE STARDeep Moisture Body Milk (500ml, £10)
HAND FOOD Hydrating Hand Cream (125ml, £6)
FACE SOAP AND CLARITY 3-In-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash (350ml, £8)
SPEED PLUMP Super Moisture Day Cream (50ml, £13)
THICK & FAST High-Definition Collagen Coat™ Mascara (10ml, £10.50)
SEXY MOTHER PUCKER Lip Gloss in ROSE & SHINE (4ml, £9 for 7ml)
HAND MAID Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (50ml, £2.50) soap and glory the whole glam lot beauty case
So the case itself is (hard) tin with a short handle at the top and two flip locks at the side to open and shut. Inside it's shiny pink and on the outside is a face made up of thousands of tiny little fan selfies. I much prefer it to the geo print they have on their Christmas stuff this year and the case is totally different to the softer vanity cases or boxes we've seen in previous years. soap and glory the whole glam lot case inside
It's beautiful and once again great value for money.  Are you hoping to get The Whole Glam Lot this year?

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  1. The case looks like a carry on luggage for a little girl <3 I usually don't like gift sets, but S&G is nailing it every year, everything is so pretty and useful and actually full size! Too bad it's not sold in Poland and ebay prices are wiiild :P

    1. I bet and it would cost an absolute arm and leg to post as it's SOOOO heavy!

  2. I had to go to Boots to get a voucher for my brother, and I honestly wasn't going to get it this year, but it fell into my possession anyway. Oops! ;) xx

    1. Leah I was the same, I told myself I didn't really need it, then Mum was like "I take it I'm going to Boots tomorrow to get you the S&G set"!!! Tradition now!

  3. It looks beautiful!!! I've not trued their products!x

    1. I wasn't going to get it, but every ear it seems to find it's way into my hands! I do use a lot of their stuff regularly though, so it's always good value for me.


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