Saturday, 2 May 2015

Would You Wear...?

Back with my new feature which made it's debut last week! That time, the cropped culottes/jumpsuit/crop top/cape thing seemed to have us all fretting about spilling something down it, clumsy lot we are! 73% wouldn't wear it, 13% would and the same amount were on the fence (no idea about the odd 1%). Read on for this week's Would You Wear...? and yet again I'm questioning "what is it"?
ASOS dip dye crochet cape

I have a feeling ASOS are going to feature heavily in these posts, their expansive volume of stock and brands means there's more scope for weird and random items! So this ASOS Dip Dye Crochet Cape £22, has me thinking it's a poncho that ran out of material, an elaborate necklace or I'm pretty sure you could fashion it into one of those expanding string shopping bags too! It's a little too hippy chick for me and lacking form. Not hideous on the hanger, but I'm not mad on the way they styled it on the site, though I can see they are going for that boho-festival thang that seems to be so popular.  Why do people adopt that fashion style purely for festivals, when it's completely outside their usual style I wonder? Anyway, I think it could be styled in a more chic way, maybe over a fitted LBD...but then would you want to ruin that with a fussy, fringed thing? Not sure you would. I don't like the stretched neck thing either.  I'd love to know what you think, the poll below might take a wee minute to load, it's sometimes slow, but click your answer and comment on whether or not you'd wear it and why and we'll see what the reaction is next week.  You can also head over to The Shoe Girl Diaries to see unicorn horn trainers....I kid you not!
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  1. It looks like a half finished poncho! Something that you started crocheting and then, just stopped and was like "eh, this will do!"

  2. This reminds me of that Friends episode where one of them, Phoebe, I think, knits herself something like this.
    I just think there is no point in it, not functional, not pretty, just there.

    1. Yeah, kinda useless....unless it could be used for groceries!

  3. It's like a piece of a hammock! In general, I really don't like hippy or summer festival looks, though, so I'm biased against it from the beginning. It's just so overwrought between the strange neckline and the dye. And I imagine it would be frustrating to wear. Thanks for sharing this..anomaly! It definitely made me laugh.

    1. Haha, me too, I think these posts will be my humour hit each week!


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