Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bought & Thought

This is a true story, for anyone thinking I'm getting creative for 'review purposes'.  When I first opened Colgate Max White One Optic* toothpaste, I couldn't help but "ewww" at the silverish grey colour! It's not exactly standard for a toothpaste is it? Then my "ewww" turned to 'oooh' as I realised it looked kinda sparkly and rather cool (yes I may have slathered it on the back of my hand like a makeup swatch-beauty blogger problem!).  I showed my sister who was nearby at the time, that I had this new toothpaste to try (yes disclaimer, technically there was no 'Bought' in Bought & Thought this week).  I explained it would apparently instantly whiten my teeth, but other than the colour of the toothpaste, she was rather disinterested (not unusual for her, she is not the beauty addict I am-beauty blogger problem part 2)!  I tried it, showed her my teeth "do they look whiter, can you see a difference?" I asked, she literally grabbed the tube out my hand and proceeded to use it herself!  She was genuinely excited (usually reserved for boybands or toys), so I assumed, it had worked!  
Colgate Max White One Optic with Before and After

So yes, the colour is odd, but the little bits of 'glitter' you see are actually blue pigments in the toothpaste or 'Optic Brighteners' and they form an invisible sheen on your teeth which reflect blue light and we all know blue makes yellow look whiter.  Be warned, you spit completely blue (like really bold) when brushing, but the blue/yellow thing makes sense to me, so I was confident I would see a difference, I just wasn't aware of how obvious it would be.  My sister was right, it's noticeable from the first application.  There's also stain removers in there to provide progressive whitening with long-term use, which is good to know.  Now, I've made no secret of the fact I hate my teeth, but a review wouldn't really be complete without something to illustrate, so I've been brave and photographed my pout!  I took a photo before using the toothpaste, then another after I'd used it a few times.  As you can see I did my best to reenact the exact same pose, in the same light, at the same time of day, in the same place and wearing the same lip balm, so there was none of this 'better lighting' or 'sad face/happy face' thing employed by the majority of makeovers and the like.  My only fear was that what I was seeing in the mirror, wouldn't come across on camera and I'd have to edit the photo, which I really didn't want to do.  However it did work (rather brilliantly) and I can assure you, other than cropping, I've made no edits to either photo to keep it fair (and am probably not tech skilled enough to know how to doctor them anyway).  My lips are more 'in focus' on the 'after' image but other than that, I think it was an experiment well done.  Suffice to say I'd definitely buy this again and will indeed have to because my sister keeps using it too!  You can find this in supermarkets and chemists priced £4.49, it's currently 'Buy 1, Get 2nd 1/2 price' at Boots or 'Better than 1/2 price' at Superdrug.  Another good and simple quote below, that I thought you'd appreciate.  Tell me what has made you smile this week?  
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  1. Wow Gem, that SERIOUSLY makes a difference!x

  2. That has made a LOT of difference! x

    1. Yes, I was surprised at the huge difference and immediately too.

  3. That is a huge difference!
    Antonella :)

  4. I am soooo going to be buying this toothpaste. I absolutely hate, hate, hate my teeth and I have quite a few problems with them too!

    1. Me too Lisa. Glad they are looking whiter with this though!


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