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Comparison Swatches: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

Seeing as I now own five of the six shades available, I thought it was a good time to compare and swatch all my Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector balms. I've raved about these time and time again on the blog (no wonder it's an award winning balm), so you can imagine I was thrilled to see three new shades launch this year. This is what Clarins have to say about them:
A softly textured lip gel with a deliciously sweet scent. Lips are left looking soft, smooth, shiny and plump. Sheer, but has enough colour to wear alone or to complement your favourite lip shade.
I completely agree with the Clarins description, it's a soothing, ultra smooth and glossy texture which feels nourishing and indulgent on the lips without being sticky. The shine makes lips look and feel plump and I either wear it alone or over a lipstick. The sweet scent and taste is really soooo yummy and probably the main reason I fell in love with these. I try and keep one wherever I go i.e. one at the computer, one in my handbag, one in my room. The colours I started with were quite sheer, but I'm finding some pack quite the punch now. All shades are called 'x shimmer' which would lead you to believe they are glittery, but actually the shimmer in most is only noticeable when magnified (like in the swatches below) and when there's a big blob of gloss rather than smoothed out (as it would be on the lips). In saying that, again I find the newer shades slightly more shimmery than the original line-up. It's subtle, so don't buy into these thinking you're getting a super sparkly balm is what I'm saying.
So the five shades I have are:
01 Rose Shimmer
02 Apricot Shimmer
03 Nude Shimmer
04 Petal Shimmer
06 Rosewood Shimmer
As you can tell from the outer tube (rather nifty), the colours are all quite neutral and there's nothing too bright or dark. I'm not sure if Clarins will ever expand into those types of shades, but I feel the product is more about the texture than the colour. It's not supposed to be a coloured lipgloss per se.  You squeeze the tube and the gloss pours out through a flocked, slanted doe-foot applicator.  I usually just apply a small blob to my fingertip and apply to the lips (as it's not sticky), but you could apply directly from the tube if you so wish (I just don't like the applicator getting too messy).  
Like I said in another post, I really am a beauty brands dream customer, because my obsession with these started with a mini tube of Nude Shimmer which I received in an online GWP.  I loved it so much that I promptly used it up (unheard of for a lip product for me). This led me to buy the full size version and also trying another colour and here I am with five shades now! Onto the swatches now and I've taken them with and without the flash.  The shimmer is more noticeable with the flash.   
01 Rose is a warm pink and I struggle to see the shimmer in this one. I've kept it at the computer and it's almost finished now, so I'll be buying a replacement soon.  02 Apricot is well named and there's a pink flash to the shimmer in this one (which probably isn't noticeable on the lips).  I just got this one, so haven't had the chance to use it yet.  03 Nude was my favourite, it's a slightly milky, tan nude.  I find the shimmer in this one hard to find, although you can see slight pink toned pieces when very magnified.  When it's smoothed out, you can't see any.  04 Petal is a new shade and it's a milkier, paler pink than Rose.  Despite it's baby colour, it's pretty pigmented in my swatches and you can see the shimmer particles in the light.  06 Rosewood, is another new shade, a rosy, warm brown and you can definitely see the shimmer in this one.  There's gold flecks which are visible even without being magnified. It's very pigmented.       
I would highly recommend these balms even if you don't wear makeup.  I'm sure you'll become addicted to the scent and finish and luxurious feel on the lips, just like me.  They are priced at £17 each (£13.60 at Escentual) and the one shade I don't have is 05 Candy Shimmer which is a more vibrant coral.  I'm still undecided if it's for me or not.  I also just placed an order online at Clarins, as they are finishing their sale soon (I've avoided it thus far) and I qualified for 4 free travel sized products of my choice along with the standard 3 free samples and free postage.  So I'll have yet another little beauty haul for you soon.  Have you tried these balms before, do you like them?


  1. I really suffer with dry lips all year round and I do like a bit of colour but lipstick just doesn't work for me as the colour gets stuck in the cracks and looks awful. I trust you when you rave about something it must be really good so I've ordered this on eBay in 01 rose :) it looks so pretty I can't wait to get it.
    Lucy x

    1. Oh yay, sure you'll love it, let me know how you get on though.

  2. I really like these lip perfectors..They smell nice and are great for popping into the bag when on the go or to keep in the glovebox!..
    Great post x


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