Sunday, 25 April 2010

Review: Gillette Venus Spa Breeze

I was very kindly sent a Venus 'Get Set for Summer' pack which included the new Gillette Venus Spa Breeze 2in1 razor. Now I'm pretty old school when it comes to razors, nothing too fancy, just a wet shave with some sort of shaving gel/shower gel/hair conditioner or whatever I can find! So how did I get on with this?
The Venus Spa Breeze is a disposable razor which comes with 2 heads and a handy shower pod (£7.99). It's pale pink and has a grip handle which didn't slip out of my hand when wet and was comfortable to hold. The razor heads are kept in sealed containers within the shower pod, so they don't get wet before you need to use them. When I first opened the casing, the scent (white tea) was quite overpowering, however during and after use it's hardly noticeable. The head clicks into place on the handle-very easy to use.
The unique aspect of this razor is that you don't need a separate shaving gel as it comes with 2 built in shave gel bars. When activated with water they produce a fine lather and you really don't need anything else. I loved this! It felt like you were shaving with a pillow, the razor just glides over the skin and you can't feel anything but softness! With use, these bars will wear down, but I haven't had any issues with them falling off nor have I needed to change the head yet. You get a reasonably close shave with the 3 blades and my legs felt mega smooth when I stepped out of the shower. I was running around asking everyone to "feel my legs"! I actually felt I didn't need the usual slathering of body lotion afterwards either.
I'm totally converted with this razor. I don't ever want to use anything else (even although I have a Venus Embrace sitting waiting for me). It's comfortable, feels like silk when shaving and I was left with no cuts or razor burn. The built in shave gel is perfect for travel-as you don't need to cart around a separate product and it really does it's job. The shower pod was handy to keep the extra cartridge in and to also keep the razor from getting gloopy between uses. As an added bonus it's a pretty pink colour and I honestly don't have anything negative to say! If you are impressed with the Venus Spa Breeze you can pick it up for half price (£3.99) in Boots right now. You can also purchase a pack of 4 refill cartridges for £8.99.


  1. I've used the original Venus Breeze for aaaaaaaaaaages! Love it too, it's the best. I have pretty sensitive skin when it comes to shaving, specially my legs in the winter but this is a good razor so I have less dry skin problems.

    I however do have a negative hehe...the refill thingies are quite expensive. Over here it's €15 voor 4 which is GBP13. If they would make the refills cheaper I would be almost 100% positive, not a total 100 because I actually don't think they're handy for traveling because the head stays pretty sticky. I have mine in he shower as well, I shower every day and use it almost every day for my armpits so it also gets wet every day which makes it a bit yuck to travel with, unless you put like a little plastic bag over it or something lol.
    It might be handy if they had a little re-usable box or something to put the head in for travel? I would even pay money for something like that (not to much though haha ;)).
    I don't know how it works when you do reviews, but if they want you to give feedback that might be good!

    I do really love the light pink colour of this new one though, mine is oldskool purple ;)

  2. All constructive criticism is appreciated : )

    I would suggest unclipping the head (if you're already using one that isn't sealed) and storing inside the shower pod when travelling, so you don't slice your finger searching for it in your soap-bag. I haven't found mine to be overly sticky or wet between uses, but I don't use it every day.


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